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The Business of Me

Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. That’s what I feel like these days. Now that I’m trying to put my cubicle life behind me, I’ve entered into The Business of Me. Or, in other words, I spend my days anchored to a boat called, Self-Promotion. It’s pulling myself up and getting that damn boat out of the mooring that is proving to be the challenge.

I constantly remind myself to stay humble. I’ll never get to the saintly level of Mother Teresa, but I try really hard to keep myself in check. The do-good voices rattling about in my cranium will attest to that fact, as well as the angel that sits on my shoulder and whacks me in the head from time-to-time with her perfectly polished halo. So, can a person striving to live a humble life self-promote themselves effectively, or even at all?

On the one hand, I worry that I’m making a menace out of myself on Facebook and Twitter, and in every conversation I have with family, friends and acquaintances that comes around to talking about my book. On the other hand, I have to be “out there.” Living, breathing and talking my way into people’s hearts and minds. Making myself stick, without being unwontedly stuck.

Some moments make the self-promoting all worthwhile; like when a mom tells me her son absolutely loved Theo’s Mythic and can’t wait for the next book in the series. And then some moments, like when I email someone repeatedly to see if their child liked the book and I hear crickets, I feel like a self-promotional nuisance. A literary leech. Much like an unsolicited vacuum salesman standing at your door begging for a chance to come in – I’m worried both I and the vacuum are going to suck.

“You need tougher skin,” is what I tell myself. So somedays I skip the moisturizer in pursuit of calluses that will protect me from – what? The truth? Actually, no. I need to protect myself from people’s opinions and accept the fact that while some folks might adore the book, some just won’t get it. Factors could include the child’s age, genre likes, love/hate relationship with reading, or any number of things that I have absolutely no control over.

Now back to The Business of Me. Step 1: Write a blog post about said subject. Step 2: Use it as a cathartic experience. Step 3: Move the hell on.

In closing I’d like to share my mission statement for my new business. It reads as follows:

Here at The Business of Me we strive to effectively promote and establish a global understanding of the abilities we offer to our clients. We shall constantly worry about being too “in your face,” but will put ourselves in your face, nonetheless, in the sincere hope that you’ll like what you see. We will forever promote the written word as something to be cherished by children, as well as bring smiles to their faces. And due to our membership in the human race, we will write for a kinder, lovelier, more beautiful world. Because we’ve found that The Business of Me just happens to be…also about You.