The cryptic (but super fun, no?) “C” stands for Cynthia. I’ve been working in the communications field for over 20 years. With great runs at Hasbro and other toy and juvenile product companies, I spend a lot of my time pushing my imagination to unreasonable limits in the hopes that someday the creatures, scenes and characters in my head will break through to reality. Really though, my end goal is to bring smiles to millions of faces around the world as so many authors have put upon mine over the years. That sense of wonderment is to be cherished for all ages.

My first work of fiction, Theo’s Mythic, went on sale in March, 2013. It is a middle grade/young adult epic fantasy that I, as a mom, feel good about children reading as it challenges their minds, but doesn’t distort their outlook on reality with unnecessary violence.

Writing and blogging is a true testament to all that I love.  Upon reading my words, I hope you find it was worth it.


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