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Imagine Nation


My Imagination at Work

I was going over my book the other day with my aunt and was taken aback by how dumbfounded she was as to how I came up with the overall idea, creatures, characters and the like.  I have a crazy imagination and thought everyone had the same thing.  Apparently not, according to her.  Doesn’t everyone see walking trees when they are driving to work?  No.  Doesn’t everyone talk in funny voices throughout the day?  Ah, no.  Doesn’t everyone constantly think about how to make something funny, off kilter and unbelievably believable?  Nope.  And that surprises me, to no end.

I’ve always relied on my imagination and I love looking at the world in a quirky way.  Being rooted too deeply in reality and that which is heavily weighted in the present makes me feel chained.  Letting my mind go is liberating and a whole lot of fun.  When I’m writing I get to go places.  My imagination is simply a passport to travel to worlds unknown.  I’ve been blessed to have been able to see much of America and am always amazed at how things are the same, but different.  People live in houses, but the construction might be different.  Flowers bloom, but they might be of a different species than I’m familiar with seeing.  It is the same thing with writing.  I see people, an environment, creatures and circumstances – but they are all native to the world I am creating.  Taking the familiar into the unfamiliar is the wonderful basis for exploration.  Going into the unknown.

One thing I hope to impart upon my children, as well as all children who I’m lucky enough to have read my book, is that an imagination is a gift.  It may help you escape from a difficult situation or it just may be an outlet from the ordinary.  But most important of all, your imagination it is the part of yourself that allows you to dream.  Envisioning a new take on the ordinary has led to classic novels, the iPod, the internet, setting foot on the moon, curing diseases, awe-inspiring art and music, revolutions that birthed freedom and so much more.  So being a nation of dreamers doesn’t mean that we are flighty or without grounding, it means we embrace that which is yet to be explored.

As I rely on other great and interesting minds for the music that floats through my ears, and to photographers who capture a precious moment in time, and to those that cured polio so that my children’s bodies would be strong – I give back Theo’s Mythic to all of those who don’t have an imagination as crazy as mine.  So welcome to my world – and imagine that.