Meet Nahve and Holla!



Hello fans!  Today I’d like to introduce you to Nahve and Holla via the excerpt below.  We are getting close to publication of Theo’s Mythic.  Enjoy!

To the average eye, there would be no way this little fellow would be able to ring such a large bell. Undaunted however, Nahve pulled a tiny handful of treats out of his pocket and yelled, “Holla! Holla, come here boy!”

Back from within the cave there was a large dog-like yawn, complete with a trademark doggy squeak at the end.

“Come on, Holla! We gotta ring da bell bell! Da BELL BELL!”

Out of the darkness, bounding forth on gigantic paws, was an enormous shaggy dog. Holla was proportioned about five times the size of Nahve, equal to that of the bell. His giant pink tongue contrasted against his snow white fur. A pelt that was unusually dotted throughout with feathers. You could barely see his eyes, but one knew they conveyed a simple warmth and loving devotion. His demeanor echoed this in the way he bounced about. All the while he was completely focused on what his master was asking of him.

“Ok Holla, you know whatta do. You gimme one itty bitty wittle licky. Dat otay. But don’t get me super yucky wet. Otay boy?”

Holla sat in front of Nahve. He was hovering over him with his head tilted to the side, listening intently. His tail wagging dutifully. Holla let out a little whimper and then extended his huge tongue, licked Nahve from foot to head, thereby flipping him up in the air as he completed his doggy kiss. Nahve let out a huge laugh as he spiraled upward. Holla strategically positioned himself under Nahve as he descended so Nahve could land softly on his back. It was a well choreographed aerial act they had done many times before. Nahve patted his fur and snuggled in with a big hug.

“Me love you, Holla. Now you gotta ring da bell bell. Evhan’s awaitin’.”

Along with this command he tossed Holla the treats.

Holla swallowed them in one gulp and turned toward the bell. With a big sweeping gallop, Holla jumped onto the golden songstress and swung her into singing motion. He began chewing on the top, mirroring the many dent marks placed there during prior ringing sessions. He acted as if he was wrestling the bell to a victory. Based on the amount of dried slobber caked on the bell, most would say Holla was the winner, paws down. It tolled a strong, impressive bong that reverberated throughout the valley.

All twelve Eldors immediately raised their heads.

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