An Excerpt!

          Speck stood at the bottom of the basement stairs. The only thing between her and the menacing shadow descending the staircase was the protective living shield surrounding her. It was made from the earth itself. A formidable cage expertly crafted from roots and vines anchored in terra firma. While seemingly strong, it was not a foolproof cage. Nothing at this point seemed impenetrable by a DarkDweller.

          But was it a DarkDweller? Had they really befallen all of her comrades?

          There is no way Flick, Pointer, Twist, Uncles Ben and Scout, and even the house itself, would have given up Theo without a fight. Why doesn’t this thing announce itself? Why doesn’t it tell me who it is? What it is? Have they all gone mad? Did they all go crazy with fear and now I am the sole survivor destined to carry on by myself? Or worse, did the DarkDwellers really get them all? 

About crudolphbarlow

My goal in life is to bring smiles to millions of children through my writing and interactions with every child I meet - including my own. I'd also like to teach adults that kindness and respect are not options, but are must-have tools for a well-lived life. I am, and always will be, an eternal optimist. Peace! View all posts by crudolphbarlow

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