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An Excerpt!

          Speck stood at the bottom of the basement stairs. The only thing between her and the menacing shadow descending the staircase was the protective living shield surrounding her. It was made from the earth itself. A formidable cage expertly crafted from roots and vines anchored in terra firma. While seemingly strong, it was not a foolproof cage. Nothing at this point seemed impenetrable by a DarkDweller.

          But was it a DarkDweller? Had they really befallen all of her comrades?

          There is no way Flick, Pointer, Twist, Uncles Ben and Scout, and even the house itself, would have given up Theo without a fight. Why doesn’t this thing announce itself? Why doesn’t it tell me who it is? What it is? Have they all gone mad? Did they all go crazy with fear and now I am the sole survivor destined to carry on by myself? Or worse, did the DarkDwellers really get them all? 

In the beginning…

…there was light. An epiphany if you will. And yes, as corny as that may sound, that is how I started writing, Theo’s Mythic. I always loved all things creative – albeit I was a closet artist and writer. After graduating with an individualized degree in art and marketing, I succumbed to the pull of a steady, relatively stable life in the business world. I can’t complain though as it has served me well and has led me to where I am now; that is, a person who has finished her first novel. Whoo-hoo!  If I could shout it from the rooftops without falling off, I would.  For if you knew me well, you would know that I get excited at just about anything – to the point where I normally use an inordinate amount of exclamation points to make my point!!!

But on a serious note, it took the birth of my daughter and the death of my father to finally kick me in the pants and get me to create a body of work that I could share with others.  Not just coloring pages I drew for my kids or website graphic tweaks I would exact at work.  No, no, no.  Something substantial, wholesome and joyous.  Something defining like the moment of a birth and a death.

I love putting words together.  Although my many years of public relations training has formalized me a bit (see?); I’m working to remove those shackles.  AND I AM NOT A GRAMMAR EXPERT!!!  Let’s just get that out of the way.  I don’t know how you could be an expert today anyway with all of the “exceptions”.  Quite frankly, I was still operating under the assumption that using “and” to start a sentence was a dastardly act punishable by being beaten with an “Ain’t, Ain’t a Word” book.  (I’m still nervously checking my peripheral vision now due to my use of “and” above.)  But I consider myself above average in the grammar department and figured the characters in my head didn’t want their entrance into this world thwarted by a few technical writing flaws.  Or so they told me.  So, in the beginning, I went for it.

Check back as we journey together to the release of, Theo’s Mythic, in January, 2013.  We can chat more about that in my next blog post.  Until then, throw in an extra exclamation point on your comment to this post, I’m a big fan of them!!!